Interlude to lewd conversation

Just because the conversation didn’t end on a positive note, precisely everything, I mean, everything that follows from that point in your entire life needs to be flushed down the drain. Forget all your achievements or self esteem and spawn on a series of self deprecating jabs. You know its pointless to be positive about even the sunlight Read More

Imagine Slowly

Do you often Imagine things? and find them thoughts adrift by the time you can etch them down and datestamp them for humanity? I feel your pain. Most everyones a genius-but most everyone’s lazy and not good at capitalizing or scrumptiously satiating  shit, aka brain nougats, righteously.  Or get a paper and document that moment of insight, Read More

Unjust gone Unadjusted

Typically everyone’s got an eye out for unjust treatment, and these , everyones, are quick to point out the unfair, keeping the accounting of unjust-full treatment balanced. Movies bank your attention on your said yearning for the unjust to be rectified making the narrative full of biting twists & turns until the climax unfold Read More

i dont get it

i don’t get it

I don’t either. The voice in my brain, while asking me to write these things, makes perfect sense to me, & over the years with the tortoise rate at which sometimes my fellow listener may comprehend and then understand to then basically either argue or not, is not my problem. You know. I simply string Read More

mac and cheese

Macaroni & Cheese & More Cheese

The key to getting the most out of a, decent, good-old mac and cheese is the practice of adding more cheese. This is an age old practice of provoking your inner fatty, not just provoking, but, even, tantalizing. The reason cheddar is aged is with age, it gets, a certain sharpness that tickles, the outer Read More

wd40 for lazy

WD40 for Lazy Brains

Formulating the genius of Lazy, has taken quite a toll on my life, so my pen writes with pure vigor and passion. The lazy state is ostracized by the pure notion of,  lack of productivity. To a workaholic who is fundamentally unforgiving to the idea of a vacation, or down time, or, if you will, Read More

interference of cool

interference of Coolness

Coolness or Cool, outside of its literal meaning of, Cold to the touch or Low in temperature also elates to its more popularly welcomed notion of mind bending, or refreshing or innovative or simply, cool. What I dislike about cool, though there is not much to dislike, its purely, cool, is how mis-rated things can Read More